Friday, September 30, 2011

Gypsy Trailer project

If you haven't read Honey Rock Dawn, a blog by Shreve Stockton, you should check it out.  So there was a post on her blog where she had received a hunting trailer from a friend, and she fixed it up as a gypsy trailer.  This summer, I showed it to my daughter Lindsay, who was all about getting one as a project.  And she did! She found a bargain 12 foot trailer for only $200, and we are going to get it all decked out so she and her partner Ange can use it for adventure trips.

 So I have to post some 'before' pictures -- because it's gonna be AWESOME when we finish and no one will believe how miserable it started out.

It does have some good qualities:  it's small, so it can be towed behind a regular car (even though they have a small SUV).

It has a little kitchenette, with an oven!  Seriously, who bakes anything while they're camping?!

It has a fold-out back bench that turns into a bed.  The picture to the left shows the fold-down table (and a kinda gross blue sheet over the side window).

They got it home successfully, and now we are in scavenger hunt mode, looking for cool stuff we can use to fix it up.  We're trying to do this as cheap as possible, so mostly free stuff or garage sale stuff.  I've got tons of fabric, trims and paints, so I'm getting those things set aside, because we're going to spend the Thanksgiving weekend working on it!

We anticipate being VERY VERY tired, but tired in a good way, from working like crazed painting/sewing/building/wiring/flooring nuts. 

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Lindsay Briggs said...

Wahoo! We are SO excited!

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