Friday, September 02, 2011

Still waiting to hear...

We got a counter-offer for the house we really want (they just wanted to put in writing that there will be NO repairs made and it's as-is, which we're fine with), contingent on their current escrow falling through.  Our agent, Alex (who is wonderful!) says it's about a 80-90 percent chance that we may get it, but we'll just hang in there and wait.

One of the things we really wanted was a pool.  I mean, we moved to Southern California from the midwest primarily because the year round great weather, and I want to maximize taking advantage of the outdoor life here in SoCal.  So if the house we ended up with wasn't going to have a pool already, it had to have enough space (and a layout that is conducive) to a pool.  So the house we are bidding on has that - a really large lot and a house that opens up to the yard.
b-o-r-i-n-g!  how about from this....

One of the things that we've seen out here a LOT is a totally paved back yard when there's a pool -- arid....need....plants.....! (this is the other house we are  back-up on)
to this!, this is the life!

I've been collecting images on Pinterest (love that site! follow me and I'll follow you!) - here's one I love that I would love to use as inspiration.

So even if we eventually buy a home with a pool, it will likely need a lot of demolition of existing concrete and planting to create our own tropical paradise.

And if we get this house we're looking at currently, well, it needs a LOT of help in the yard as well.


Lindsay Briggs said...

I would LOVE an all concrete backyard. No yard work! Wahoo!!!

Leslie Reed said...

definitely like the tropical pool!

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