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Our place is always hopping.  Besides my "old man" (his choice of descriptor), we have two crazy Oriental Shorthair cats, Persephone (the elegant black and white missy here) and Mercury (the one with trouble in his eyes).  They are a handful!  Like lots of Oriental Shorthairs, they are vocal, playful and really inquisitive.  We've had plenty of drama with these two and I know it will continue on - they love to 'help' and if you're doing anything new, their noses are right there in the middle of things.

We also have a sweet little dog, Luna.  She's a terrier mix, and we got her at the Long Beach shelter.  She's been a great companion to Dale and I - although the cats don't think much of her.  We've had her for 2 years, and they still give her the stink eye.  She goes along with us on our trips!

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