Friday, September 23, 2011


I named this blog with something we used to say in our family - kind of a 'quit your complaining' kinda thing.  Don't like what we're having for dinner? Tough kitty puffs.

But I also have a couple of ridiculous kitties.  Meet Persephone and Mercury.  This is them at the vet this morning, getting their shots and check up.  They are Oriental Shorthair cats, long and lean and always into trouble.  Sweet and loving, too.  They will be helping us with our remodel, since they 'help' us with everything.

They are 2 years old, they are brother and sister and in this picture, they're wearing their harnesses that I can attach a leash to so they can go for a walk.  Well -- not really a walk, usually just wandering and sniffing plants and crawling around getting tangled before I give up and bring them back in.

Mercury is the boy, he's a very playful guy.  He loves to fetch and race all over the place like a crazy nut.    Here he is in his morning routine of falling over to roll on his back, waiting for a tummy scratch.  He's a very handsome fellow (it's official, that's what the vet said this morning).

This is Persephone.  She looks cute, but do not be fooled.  She is up to as much mischief as Mercury is.  She just has a better 'innocent face' than he does.  She loves people and is much braver than her brother, she will jump on your shoulders to say hi.  We had a guy come out to service our floor heater, she followed him under the house (without my knowing about it), and as he was laying on his back pointing the flashlight up in the heater box, there's her little face snooping to see what he's doing.  I hear a "why, hello there kitty" coming from under the house, which is how I discover she's escaped from her bathroom prison to follow him into the crawlspace.

So - the namesakes in a way of the blog, and they will be featured helpers in our home fix-up process.  You'll see them in pictures, no doubt, since they're right in the midst of everything.

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