Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bathroom ideas

So after we had a chance to spend some time in our future house/project with a measuring tape, I sat down and drew out a map of what we had.

It's a pretty awkward layout, especially since the door currently opens up to block the bathtub area.  We are going to remove that door and put in a pocket door, which would open up the space and make it more usable.  We are also planning on removing the tub and instead having a shower placed along the wall with the window.

Our new layout would look something like this:

The shower looks a little deeper than it should but that's the basic idea.  the two walls that frame out the shower do not go to the ceiling, just to the top of the shower door, open above so the shower won't feel confining.  We're hoping to find a sideboard or dresser or buffet or something to convert to a vanity.

Here are some of the inspirational items I am thinking of for our new bathroom - white subway tiles with a marble floor for the shower, patterned cement tiles for the floor of the bathroom, some nice border pieces to accent the subway tiles.... just thinking right now.  It looks pretty white - we'll be painting the walls above the subway tiles with a color from the patterned tiles.  I'm leaning towards a minty green. I think Dale will veto that (but I get my way most of the time, so we'll see).

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Lindsay Briggs said...

IMO a shower can never be too big. Make it as big and roomy as possible. Double shower heads? I love the tiles. It will be AWESOME!

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