Saturday, October 08, 2011

....still waiting.....

Well, I'm trying to be patient, but I am really anxious to get the closing done with so we can get started! We spent the evening at the new place last week, while the heater guy was getting the burner replaced.  We got a chance to wander through the yard, check out all the drawers in the garage, put light bulbs in all the overhead light fixtures so we could check out the rooms -- we just want to get started!

One of the things that we'd like to take advantage of, however, is a grant program that targets folks buying their first home in California.  It's $10K, worth working towards since it'll pay our closing costs and part of a down payment, but it turns out that we make just a bit too much money together, so our lending agent restructured the loan so it's just taking my income into account, so that added another week or so to the process.  I was hoping to get closed at the end of this coming week, but I don't think that's going to happen, so there goes another weekend!

I did get these really cute end tables on craigslist this weekend - $40 for the pair. I have a fun project in mind for them, so maybe tomorrow is a good day to get that started.  One of the things we've discovered in the past couple of years is that modern furniture styles just aren't our thing  -- so I'm looking for more traditional pieces, and these fit the bill.  Terrible picture, but it'll only make them look so much cooler when I take pictures when they're done!

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Leslie Reed said...

I think 10k is worth the wait!

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