Tuesday, September 06, 2011


While visiting my daughter in northern California, I got a text (at midnight on Saturday of Labor Day weekend!) from my realtor, letting me know we got the house! He knew we'd want to know right away!  We got home last night, my realtor is coming by this morning to pick up our escrow check.  The signed papers from the owner may take a few days because the seller lives in another state, in a fairly remote area and so we have to wait for things to be messengered back and forth.  But we are moving on as if it's all signed.

Things sometimes go wrong and so we are holding back a teeny bit of excitement so we aren't devastated if things fall through.  But still, a little yippee! is there every time we think about it!

I realized that the picture of the house I posted down below is older - here's what it looks like from the outside.  It's been painted recently, so it looks great from this view.  We'll get pics of the inside as soon as we can.  Oh and the one thing we were worried about - termite damage - looks to be minimal.  In this area, termite damage is almost standard, but we didn't want to get into something overwhelming, given that the seller is not willing to do any repairs.  So that's the big concern knocked down -- onward to the process of escrow!

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