Friday, September 09, 2011

The paperwork has begun...

This is the pile of documents delivered this week:  disclosures and inspections.  After buying our last two homes in the midwest, the change to California has been a little eye-opening.  We've never read disclosures about earthquake areas, liquefaction hazards, munitions issues and many other types of hazards that are reported on.  And the taxes document was nearly as long!

We are buying this house as-is, so the home inspection issue was kind of up in the air.  We could get the home inspected, but there would be no negotiations to come of it; we could take it or leave it.  We could inspect it ourselves, with the prior experiences we've had with the previous 2 fixers, we feel fairly competent in doing our own inspection, so that was the plan for this Saturday.  

We drove by the house the other night, going out for a quick bite to eat, and were surprised to see the lights on and doors open.  Dale went up and knocked, and a guy came to the door and said he was a handyman fixing some things in the bathroom.  Curious....we figured something was strange since they've made it clear it's an as-is sale, so we called our agent just to let him know what we saw.  We got a call back the next morning; the listing agent flagged a few things that might cause some problems with an FHA inspection, and had the handyman fixing them, and they also sent over the inspection report for the previous, failed sale.  Score! We save $400 and have a document to use to guide our own do-it-yourself inspection!

Saturday is our loan application signing and our own inspection - we are looking forward to getting back in the house - pictures to follow!

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Lindsay Briggs said...

Cool! Still keeping my fingers crossed that everything continues to go smoothly!

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