Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oops! how did that happen?

Soo....August  until January, eh?  apparently I was doing NOTHING.  Well,  not exactly true --

I did finish a lot of projects, but so many of the were for Christmas gifts that I couldn't share them here since the recipients check in.  (hello family).  Maybe a short recap and then I can get back into the swing of things....

Knitting.  I spent a lot of time knitting things - some successful, some not so much.  My daughter Leslie sent me an image of a rather cool vest she wanted - based on what Katniss wore in the Hunger Games movie.  This was a lot of fun, although I had to rework it to personalize the fit after I got to Indiana (more on that annual winter trip later).

This is what the pattern she really fell in love with looked like.  But she wanted it in an oatmeal color.

What a slacker I've been about taking pictures since I've been a slacker about blogging --- I only have a couple of progress shots ---

I somehow neglected to take a picture of her wearing it.  sigh.  It went fast, I learned a couple of new techniques, and while I was in Indiana, I made another for my youngest daughter Hilary, using a lighter weight yarn.  The one I made Leslie used a super bulky yarn and it's very warm.  In fact, I had to remake the rings around the neck because although they looked nice, when you put it on, it feels like you're wearing a dog cone.

I also made what looked like it would be a cute fox cowl -- and this one turned out large, shapeless and altogether a failure.  I think it was my yarn choice - I chose something soft and cuddly, and it just lacked the body needed for the pattern to be a success.

And finally, I am still making version 4.0 of a pair of legwarmers for my oldest daughter.  She had a simple request, although she had some specific size requirements that I just couldn't get right.  I knitted and frogged 3 pairs, and I am on my fourth and this one looks like it might be right.  They were supposed to be Christmas gifts but looks like they're running late!

I also made Luna  a little coat to wear to keep her warm on our trip to the midwest. She looks good in red :)

Right now, besides knitting, I was inspired by a friend who posted a 365 challenge she's doing - she is drawing daily on a desk size calendar - it is really awesome, she's an awesome artist - and I like the daily habit as well, so instead of buying a calendar , I went looking for a calendar journal (I do love me some books!).  I didn't like any of them I saw -- and I did love her large calendar - so I made myself a large book to use. 

I just want to use this book to do a short doodle -- nothing too incredibly complex - I've got some other books I can work on for that.  I actually considered doing only zentangles in it -- which might be more interesting.  I did one of those for the last two days, so maybe a short stretch here and there.  I enjoy the mindless linework sometimes.  This book is big - the open pages measure 22" across by 15" high.  Each square is around 2.75 x 3.  So anyway, I look forward to working in this all through the year to keep my hand in.

And now that that little bit is done, I'm going to put together a couple of grandkid posts.  Now, THAT, I have lots of pictures of!

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