Monday, February 24, 2014


We ended up selling our kitchen table - the one I made from a Craigslist Free find.  As a reminder, here's how it looked:
I really liked the table, but in our remodeled space, it was too large.  I wanted something a little smaller, and actually, I really like rectangular tables more.  So I ended up selling it on Craiglist for a hundred bucks.  Not bad.  Anyway, then I was keeping an eye out for something free/cheap, and hadn't found anything yet.  I did see a couple of nice tables that might work, but knew I'd have to cut them down somewhat, and I hate to do that to a nice antique table. :)

Dale and I saw some really cool pipe base tables, and thought we might really enjoy that look in our kitchen.  So we sketched out a plan and went over to Lowe's to buy the pipe.  As we loaded the pieces into our cart, we were a little shocked at the prices -- and then we decided to add up the total before we made a decision, and the pieces came up to 144 dollars -- way beyond what we wanted to spend (and that only included the base!).

Luckily, I had pinned another table that I really liked -- and I knew I could make a replica of this WAY cheaper.  Here's the image I pinned:

Nice style, but too much oak, and the price....well, we're not buying that table! 

But I know I can make it.  Luckily, I had some maple plywood left over from my shelves, and it was just about the right size.  I added a lip around with 1x2 pine--

 I built the base from 4 x 4s for the legs, and some 1x4 slats on the side.  A center brace of a 2x4 -- and a lot of leftover trim from our previous work around the house. 

We spent a total of 40 dollars on wood and that's much better for me.  I still have some sanding (even out the wood filler on the nail holes and trim, stain the top, paint the base and then assemble it.  But so far, it's looking good!

 We went with squares instead of circles on the ends -- we used 3 slats across instead of 4, and the circles would have been a challenge.  Plus, we have a lot of squares with the tile pattern so I thought this would match up better.  I like the proportions, it'll fit nicely in our space. Just wide enough for us!

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Ginene said...

Ok, Laurie, I can't stop looking at everything. This is incredible work. I'm signing up!

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