Thursday, February 20, 2014

Books in --

It sure looked like a lot of shelves, right? I was looking forward to "styling" them a bit with some fun objects interspersed with my books, artfully arranged by color.  Well - they're arranged by color, but as usual, I underestimated how many books I own, and they are kind of packed in.  I do like the color arrangement so far -- it helps to keep the shelves look neat.

They've been in boxes in the garage for about 2 years -- when we moved from the first rental, I didn't have shelves to unload them into, and I didn't want to buy anything to fit a rental.  Then when we moved here, we had no where again, but I knew I was going to build something -- so off into holding they went.

I unloaded them, and started stacking them in colors.

and I kept unloading them.....

 and kept unloading them...

it seemed like it would never end!

And to think that I had pared down the collection by a TON when we moved from Indiana.  And I don't even want to mention it, but I have at least this many books in my office at school, too.

But here they are!  The shelves below are almost full as well -- all the brown ones are in there, and anything that looked less than lovely (weird spines, wire bound, etc).  When we finally remove the furnace down the line, I can actually move some more down and then-- maybe then -- I can add some curios to the shelves.  And to think I had a few thoughts as I was unpacking/sorting that maybe now I could buy some more books?!  Not going to happen!

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