Monday, November 11, 2013

Greenhouse window

Although we got most of the greenhouse window finished yesterday, by the time we were done it was too dark to take pictures. And this morning, I got up early and caulked and did touch up paint, so here are the beauty shots:

The cats have enjoyed the  new window.  They've jumped up on the shelf a couple times, I imagine the novelty will wear off soon.  We ordered a shelf for the top row, it'll be in tomorrow.

It is so cheery in the morning with the sun shining through!

 When we first picked it up, we were afraid that it would stick too far out into the driveway, but it works just fine.  Now, if we can just get rid of that horrible window AC.  It's on the list, but I'm waiting to find a window that matches our other front window. I think having 3 different style windows in this one room is a bit much.

For a free, used window, it looks pretty darn nice!  I do have a few places to add some silicon caulking, there are some water spots that indicate a couple of the corners may have had a bit of a leak.  Luckily, we rarely get any rain, so even if it does leak a little, it will just run down the wall and out.  

Well, we certainly have much more to do in the room (tile the backsplash, install counters, install vent hood), but this window looks really cheery.

So naturally, we got started on the next project on the list - building a bump-out for our pantry.  We determined how much of a space we need so we can enclose the pantry just beside the door to the back  yard -- and we went out and marked where we needed to cut the stucco in order to frame it out.  We got that part done last night:

Using a grinder, Dale cut through the stucco and that's where we left it.  This morning, we went out and banged away on the stucco to break it up so we could tear it out --

You can see that under the face coat is a layer of wire mesh, we had to cut that out as well --

 And then a layer of tar paper and wire ---

So now we have it all cleared out and ready to build a foundation.

We hope to have the blocks set by the end of today so they can set up overnight!

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