Friday, November 29, 2013

Appliance woes

After getting our tile in and grouted (yay! it looks so nice!) -- we put up our range hood.  Got it all hooked up -- and it didn't work.  We redid the electrical, tried it again, and nothing.  Our electrical testers all show that the electricity is flowing but the switches appear to be faulty.  So we called the IKEA number listed, it routed us to the Whirlpool IKEA help line (IKEA appliances are manufactured by Whirlpool), and after walking through our process with the customer service agent, she said, "sounds like we need to send a technician out."  Since we still had all the original packaging and the IKEA store is about 20 minutes away, we asked if we should just return it to IKEA - and the agent on the phone said, "Sounds like the quickest option." 
So - we un-installed it, repacked it and drove over to IKEA.  Where they promptly told us they do not accept them back for exchanges, we must have the Whirlpool people out.  boo.  Bad advice from the customer agent.  The IKEA people were nice, but clear - they do not accept installed, then uninstalled pieces.  If we had not installed it, yes, they would have returned it (but of course, we didn't know it didn't work until we installed it!)  So now we have an appointment for the Whirlpool repair people to come out on Tuesday to see if they can get it all taken care of.  In the meantime, it's all installed (vent installed, electrical off for now), waiting to have the white plastic taken off (didn't want to do that before they fixed the whole deal.)

In the meantime, we took out the stove, changed the outlet and extended the gas line over a few inches so that we could fully slide the stove in.  We'd been smelling a bit of gas while the stove is on convection, and we figured we probably needed to level it, so we got all that done, and leveled it, ran it on regular bake and it worked just fine.  Yesterday (on Thanksgiving!) I put our little bitty turkey breast in it and put it on convection roast, then didn't check it for an hour and a half -- by which time it should have been nearly done.  And it was barely warm.  The oven was definitely not up to temperature and there was a slight smell of gas.  Not enough to feel dangerous, but just a slight whiff.

So I switched it over to the probe (which worked great!), got that done, baked the rolls, and we are calling GE to come out and take a look at it also.  The convection part hasn't worked clearly well the whole time we've had it, but I thought it might be because it wasn't level or we didn't have it in place correctly -- but all that's been corrected and still not working great.  So they'll be coming out, too.  All things considered, not too bad for everything we've worked on.  But both of these are major appliances (the stove cost over 3,000 dollars) and they should be working flawlessly.  Hopefully it will just take a visit and get it all cleared up.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving with our little half done kitchen and our mini-Thanksgiving dinner!  We went to see Catching Fire afterwards (a holiday tradition to see a movie after dinner). 

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