Monday, August 20, 2012

More Books

I finished up my books, a total of 30.  I still have a couple of ideas, so I might make a few more for myself.  Here are some of the last batch:
On the left is a japanese stab binding, with origami paper covers.  In the middle is an accordion book with one long, continuous page that is folded back and forth.  The covers are collaged with a number of things I had around - I never throw anything away, just file it in my studio.  On the right is a soft red leather book.

In this last group, the one on the left is a piano hinge book with skewers holding the spine together, the center is a couple of books make from an old Monopoly game.  I also made a pair of books from a Trivial Pursuit game, but didn't have all the dangly pieces hung on them.  On the right are two tall, skinny books, the one at top has a square hole cut through all the pages to frame the key, the one at bottom has some painted paper that I made, and the key transfer has a plexiglas cover wired over it.

I really enjoy making books.  I want to make a few really nice ones for myself, so these smaller books were good warm-ups.  I know which bindings I really enjoyed, and that will help me make some good finished ones for myself!

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