Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Entry finished

A marathon carpentry and paint session yesterday, and touch ups this morning and I have the entry hall done.  I can't believe how much bigger and nicer it feels.  I was worried that by using a tinted paint (compared the the pale beige it was) might make it look smaller.  Maybe it's just that when we removed the paneling, the dark wallpaper and ceiling make it look so small, that now, anything looks better!  At any rate, I'm delighted with it.

This is my attempt to get the whole thing to fit in one picture!  And of course, a cat walks through.

What I love most is that the doors all look great again:
I added casings around all the doors, and baseboard and crown molding.  I haven't done anything with the front door yet, I'd love to replace it with a new full view door.  So right now, it still has the old paneling on it, because it's just a flat slab underneath.

 We have three pocket doors in our house. Two of them had paneling applied, so I am glad to see this one in all it's glory.  I'd like to attack the one in the living room next.

 None of the rooms have base molding, so we are adding it in each room we do.  Although this house is essentially a mid-modern style, we prefer a more a traditional style.
  I'm also adding crown molding in each room, as well as a picture molding band 5" down and treating them all together.  I do notice that this makes the rooms feel wider. 
So - now I've got this done, I'm packing and hitting the road to meet up with my daughter in Pismo Beach for a mother/daughter getaway!


Isabel said...

It looks fantastic! Love the blue. In the pictures, the front door looks cool, actually.

B E C K Y said...

Great job! It looks lovely.

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