Friday, August 31, 2012


I'd pinned several alphabet walls on Pinterest, and started picking up various letters about 6 months ago.  We finally got the last one done today (a D), so this evening, we laid them out and found an arrangement we liked.
 We measured the area of the wall we wanted to cover, and kept moving them until we liked the way they looked.  Assisted by Supervisor Kitty.

 (Our other Supervisor Kitty is on his union-mandated break)

So we nailed them up, but some of them need command strips behind them to keep them from tilting.  After we got them up, I don't like the plain white of the i, so I'm going to paint it tomorrow. 

 A broader view of the room, with Supervisor Kitty posing for her glamor shot.

Tomorrow we are going to visit my brother who lives in Los Angeles; he and his wife are going to be giving us some banana trees and other assorted plants from their lush yard.  Maybe we can get that hot desert backyard some more shade!

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Andria said...

I love this!!! And I love your blog too, so many great ideas!

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