Sunday, May 20, 2012


Well, I was supposed to be busy this week working on a quilt.  Instead, I watched a "Chopped" marathon - and I don't even find food all that interesting!  So - our bedroom is not quite finished, but we did get furniture moved in:

Got some artwork hung, and I got new sheets and a blanket for our guests.  Although it is summer, here in California, it always cools down at night so a nice warm blanket will be welcome.  Apparently, the cats approve:

 Some people might be concerned that I let our cats lay on the guest bed, in case some of our visitors have cat allergies - but these cats are Oriental Shorthairs, and they have a single coat - no fluffy undercoat, which is what most people have an allergy to.  So they are pretty hypoallergenic.  And they don't shed like other cats.  So, while I don't let them live on the bed, having them jump up once in awhile isn't too bad.

One of the things we're doing in all our rooms as we go is to add some architectural interest.  I installed crown molding in this room, same as in the bathroom, and then added a picture frame rail about 3" below the crown molding.  I painted the picture frame molding, the crown molding and the space in between all white, which makes it appear to have a more substantial molding at top, since they all 'read' as one piece:

I really like the way that the new blinds go with the yellow walls.  Because this window is so long, we couldn't find a single blind that fit across - but a pair fits perfectly.  Hmm...this picture is kind of dark, but you can see the pretty beech wood.

So now I've got to get that bedspread finished - and get a shade for that bedside lamp!

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Heather said...

I love the yellow you ended up with. It looks so nice!!!

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