Monday, May 21, 2012

My friend Doris

The two paintings over the bed are by a fabulous artist and dear friend named Doris Vlasek-Hails.  Doris passed away in 2004, and I am so glad that I own several pieces of her work.  The two over the bed are abstractions, and were gifted to me by another dear friend Eric!

I also have a pair of small paintings hanging in my kitchen:

And a gorgeous vase in my living room:

 It's nice to have these reminders of a wonderful friendship!



Isabel said...

They're beautiful. I'd love to hear more about your friend.

johnnyman said...

Hey, that's a picture I took of Doris at my house! :-) I don't care if you use it. I was a good friend of hers, I owned the gallery next door to her gallery. I am on the net today looking for her work, had a very long detailed dream about her last night. It was like I got to visit with her... very grateful. Anyway, love seeing her work in your house. Cheers!

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