Friday, March 30, 2012

Picture Frame molding

I'm on spring break this week - not that I got any break!  I spent all my time in the bathroom - taping and mudding and sanding the drywall, putting up crown molding, and priming.  The thing I really wanted to do was get all that done so I could add picture frame molding to the lower half of the walls --

 I really like the sconces I got at Home Depot.

The shower has a row of "chair rail" about 4 feet up - I carried that through to the rest of the room.  I added another rail about four inches below, and then marked off boxes down the wall.

Originally, I was just going to have one box on each wall, but the way the vanity fits, it wouldn't show up on that wall at all -- so I decided I'd put a short set of boxes and then a larger box below.

It continues around the room.  This room seems either really small (when I'm trying to use an air compressor or move a ladder) or really big (only compared to how it was when we closed on the house).  We haven't had the vanity in for about a month, so we'll have to mentally adjust when that goes back in and we have a big piece of furniture in the room!

You can see a hint of the seafoam green above the chair rail in both pictures. I just wanted to be sure I really liked it - I was afraid it would look 1950s mint, but it looks more beach-like.

I also added another rail about 2 inches below the crown molding - this will help my crown look like it's wider.  The space in between will be painted white like the crown and the trim, so it will 'read' as a wide piece of molding.

So now I am sick and tired of caulking  -- every piece of molding has caulk on both sides so when I paint it there won't be any cracks where the pieces meet the wall.  And I filled all the little nail holes.  I would love to get it painted tonight, but I'm pooped!  I'm hoping tomorrow we do the floor so that by the end of my spring break, we'll have the vanity moved back in and all we'll need is the shower glass.  I had a guy out this morning to take measurements for an estimate --  it's the most expensive part of our whole bathroom redo!

Oh - just a last little picture of what this bathroom looked like when we bought the house in October --

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Lindsay Briggs said...

This looks super awesome! I couldn't picture it before but now that it's up it looks great! So crafty you are.

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