Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Succulent Border

I have LOTS of gardening to do, but, well - baby steps.  I have this foot-wide strip along the house and the driveway, full sun, some sad looking plants.  Here's the before:

Here's what I want it to look like:

So yesterday, I spent time (and sweat!) digging up all the raggedy plants.  Two of them are actually worth keeping, there's a nice overgrown/woody shasta daisy, and a mum back there, so I transplanted those out to the back.  The evergreen shrub in the front was a real mess - a really big gnarly stump with new growth, I had to cut it out and dig out the roots. 

So now I have it all cleaned out.  Those are some plants I bought last night - a fescue and a flat of a nice succulent groundcover.  I don't know why I bought anything - I have a ton of plants I've been getting free. 

So I had to come home from school for lunch today and plant for a bit!  It's going to look great eventually-- I still have some plants to move to the very back corner, but I gotta get back to work!  I can't wait for them to fill in.


Isabel said...

Is that your cute car?!

Laurie said...

that is my cute car! I love my little green Karmann Ghia!

Loggie said...

Love the succulents!

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