Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Making it comfortable

One of the hazards of moving into and renovating a place at the same time is that with all the dust and mayhem swirling about, it's hard to focus on 'decorating' - while we're busy hauling in cement board and having water running through the yard, thinking of where we're going to hang our paintings and place furniture kind of takes a back seat.  But I decided the heck with it, I'm going to make one comfortable space where we can relax.  And I'm going to have to try out several different ways to place furniture in this weird living room, so I might as well get started.

Kind of cozy!

(What you can't see is the pile of drywall behind the couch).

The little red loveseat is going in my studio, but it looks nice here for now.  Eventually, it'll just be Dale's massive recliner and the chair with the dots, along with a table between them. 

The reason the couch is still in here is because I went to IKEA over the weekend to get my studio desks and bookcases, and they were out of stock! Yikes - but it's a good thing there's an IKEA about 25 minutes away, I'll just keep checking to see when they get them back in.

Dale's making progress on the bathroom.  The kitchen is *shudder*...another story......


Lindsay Briggs said...

I like it! It looks nice and cozy. Definitely a good change with the light paint. Can't wait to visit!

Isabel said...

Wow! Would you come rearrange all my furniture for me? You really have a gift.

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