Thursday, November 03, 2011

A slight delay in the plans!

While we knew it would be difficult to get the bathroom done before we moved in, we are essentially optimistic folks, but we're also pretty easy going when plans don't go as they should.  Dale got called in to work last weekend for an emergency, and ended up putting in a 20 hour shift.  And we had to move out of the old place, into the new.  So we are bathing in the kitchen right now, brushing our teeth, washing our hair and generally getting washed up and all in the kitchen sink.  It could be worse - when we had bought our first house together back in Indianapolis, we had the same arrangement for a month -and we didn't even have hot water!  So this is almost luxurious.

So - right now, this is our lovely bathroom.  That's the shower to the right.  Where the ladder is, the bench will be.  you can see on the bottom right, the water hookups for the vanity. 

On the other side of the room is the shower in the back (getting the layer of plastic before the cement board.   We have two shower faucets, one on each side of the shower.  It's 6' long, big enough for two people to shower if we needed to.  We wanted a hand-held shower on the right in case we just need to wash something off in a tiled room.

Finally - the one thing that Dale did was temporarily install the toilet so we didn't have to run to the fast food restaurant to use their facilities.  We did for a day, then he got this rigged up for now. 

We're hoping to have a functional bathroom by the end of the weekend - although I'll be out of town all day Saturday at a conference, with any luck, he'll have the basic construction done and I"ll be laying tile on Sunday!


Leslie Reed said...

showers in the sink. groovy!

Lindsay Briggs said...

Two shower heads if you "needed" to have two people in the shower. I can't think of when you would NEED two people in the shower, just want! Woot, woot mom!

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