Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes it's the small things

Above, on the left, the original light fixture for the entry.  Hilariously old, but really I still have a secret attachment to it, so it may end up somewhere else (after being cleaned up and brought back to a tarnish-free finish).  On the right, the new hall fixture.  Sigh. I hate the ceiling tiles, but that job has to wait its turn on the ever-lengthening list. 

Today, we continue work on the bathroom - most of the plumbing is done, but we have to finish electrical before we can get the drywall going.  Here's a look at the change so far:
Before and after looking from the doorway - we removed the shower and the built-in closet.

And of the view from the back wall by the window looking towards the hall.  We took out the tub and tiles. We're changing out the door to a pocket door since the room is so small - having a swinging door either blocks where we will put the vanity or the toilet - so a pocket door is just the solution.  I love pocket doors - this house has several, so it's consistent with the rest of the house. I took down the original panel door, removed the laminate and I'm sanding/refinishing the door to use in the pocket.

We have to move in this weekend, finished bathroom or not.  So we better be getting busy!


Lindsay Briggs said...

Oooh. I like that new hall light! It looks great. The other one...not so much. Maybe if you fix it up it will look better, but I still have my doubts. It looks like a weird Christmas ornament/light.

Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Roy here. -It's not that ceiling tile is bad, just that those ceiling tile is so bad! I have been loving me some ceiling planking lately!

Laura said...

I put a pocket door in my bathroom too - their door swung and hit the toilet - really you have to wonder sometimes what people are thinking.

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