Monday, November 23, 2015

Just more detail work!

So many things going on with work and life -- so we're just working on some of the bits and pieces.  First, I was teaching a lesson in mosaics in one of my classes, so I got the little mosaic over the doorway finished:

Some fun travel things there, a couple of compasses, a route 66 magnet, a little hotwheels truck that I cut in half lengthwise with a grinder --

I also got the name of our little camper painted over the doorway -- we named it "Stardust" and I've got a little bird pulling a banner across:

a little sprinkling of stardust with some gold stenciled stars.  Step back and you can see I started adding some scrollwork across the end.

Below the window, I want to add a box to house the propane tank or to use just for storage for cooking supplies, so I don't have any decorative painting going on in that section.

I also made shutters for the windows on the sides and the bow window, to close up while we're driving in order to keep the windows from getting chipped by flying rocks.  I hope to get them hung this week, but at least they're built and painted:

These four are for the sides, a butterfly and a hummingbird for each window.  The bow window across the back has five more, with butterflies on those windows.  I haven't gotten the backsides of them painted yet, I want to see how they look installed before I do that. I still have some stenciling to do around the window frames as well, so I am just working on this a little at a time.

We also took all our free furniture apart -- breaking it down to the parts we are going to use, and setting aside the leftover wood to use for building other sections inside -- shelves, seats, etc.  What I need to do is get a good floorplan with accurate sizes so I can write up a plan. We are busy thinking through the plumbing and electric before we get working on the interior, so for now I'm just focusing on the outside.  I did come up with an idea for a slide-out set of steps.   With Christmas coming and my busy time at work in full swing, it will probably be after the first of the year  before we get working in any big manner.  So it'll continue to be small decorative projects on the exterior -- which has a TON of area for me to paint on, so that's a good reason for me to just keep plugging away on that!

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Robert & Patricia said...


I love the trailer!! I have a few questions and am hoping you can answer them...

What kind of trailer did you use?

Have you guys taken it on the road yet and if so, does it seem pretty sturdy?

I am planning to build my own, but one of the most important parts is the trailer itself, of course!

Anywaw, I would love if you could fill me in a little about your wonderful trailer!

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