Sunday, April 06, 2014

Finally found a door for my kitchen....

I've been stalking Craigslist in order to find a good 10-lite or full view door for my kitchen - I needed one 30" wide.  The door we had in there, was 32" wide, and just barely cleared the island.  I wanted someting that would let a lot of light into the kitchen, give me a view to the backyard, and fit into my budget (as cheap as possible).  I've seen a couple on Craigslist free, but I've always missed out on them. But finally I struck it lucky and we picked one up yesterday.

It had a few dings in it, but  nothing I couldn't fix with a little bondo and filler, lots of sanding and general all-around touchups.  For my favorite price (free!), I don't mind at all putting a little work into it.

All we had to buy was a 2 x 6 to cut for the hinge side.  I removed all the trim carefully, and we reused the hinges from the old door.  Other than leveling the door, it went pretty quickly. 

It looks really great, even though I still have to paint it and patch the wall on the right side.

Just that extra 2" of space, a quick coat of plaster and a new coat of paint and it'll be good as new.

On the outside, Dale will have to fill the stucco and blend it in to the existing wall.  This would normally be a big deal for me, but since that's what he does, it's nice to know it'll look just fine.  He still has the bump out for the pantry to stucco, so it's good he can get this all done at the same time.

The cats, of course, were very interested.  They can now spy on things in the backyard and when we go out to do something, they have more choices of where to sit and meow at us.

So this week, I will get the inside patched, painted and get the door all painted.  I want to get my little curtain rehung as well.

I do have a great post that I'm working on with my adorable grandson - we had 5 great days playing with him.  Spring break was a success around here!

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