Saturday, October 13, 2012

More presents

I've got a bunch of travelling on my horizon, so this was probably the last weekend for projects for awhile, so I did some sewing for my daughter.  I don't want to leave her husband out of the baby fun, so I made a diaper bag for each of them:
 He's a Batman fan, so I lined his with some Batman fabric.

Leslie's favorite color is orange, so hers has an orange lining.

 To finish off the sewing projects, I made a cute little doggie quilt.  Leslie and her husband have a dog named Zoe.  Here she is sitting in a fort:

I wanted the dogs to look like her, so here they are:

I found this design on the internet, I drew out a pattern and it went together a lot faster than I thought.  I was thinking this would be a longer project that I'd get done in a couple of weeks, but it went really quick, so off it went to the post office with the two diaper bags!

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