Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Little Project Before Guests Arrive

We pick up Dale's cousins tomorrow morning at 8:30 am - we have 2 adults and 2 little girls coming to stay with us, so it's going to be busy around here!  We've got the house all tidied up and ready to go, but I wanted to get one more little project done.  After getting the dutch door done, the rest of that window looked kind of sad, so I wanted to spruce up the shade and add some fun.

I took down the window shade and placed it on top of my fabric, a nice blue plaid.  OK, so my kitchen is yellow - ick - at least blue kind of goes with it.  (Ignore the ugly floor where I am spread out my fabric). I have a cute topper over the kitchen sink that I made, predominantly blue because it was in a blue bathroom at one time.  Anyway, I ironed the blue plaid fabric and then folded it over the shade, and ran it through the machine. 

Then I slipped in the lower bar and stitched the hem closed.  Easy enough.  Reattached it to the roller, and that was that.  When I hung it (with assistance of course), it looked....kind of bare.  I added a tassel (from my big bag of tassels!), but still,  it needed more. 

So I picked up a curtain rod and hung it above, then tore a bunch of strips of fabric and ribbon and half-hitched them over the rod.  This is what the topper over the sink looks like, so they match.

Ok, that'll do!  I do like this (even though the brackets don't match the rod, it's not that noticeable from the ground!  I had to use brackets that extended out from the door more than the ones that came with the rod); I'll probably do the same for the other two windows in the room later.

The shade is behind the fringe, ready to pull down on the hot late afternoon sun.  I was SO tempted to paint this room a cornflower blue today, but it was a hot afternoon and I had a 4 pm appointment to look at some doors on Craigslist (some french doors that might work to replace the slider in the living room).  I'm glad I didn't, I'd be exhausted right now.

OK, ready for company!

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