Friday, October 14, 2016

Some shots of the interior

We've been putting "finishing touches" on the interior for awhile, and I realized I never posted any pictures that reflect that. So here are a couple:

We've had a few more good trips lately - the fall is here and it's a great time for us in SoCal to go camping - the temperature is a little more manageable and with any luck, we'll start to get some rain to green things up.  We went last week to Blue Jay Campground in the Cleveland National Forest.  For the first time, we could actually have a campfire!  That was super nice.  We also met a ton of really great folks and gave plenty of tours :)

We are trying to keep the names of all the places we've visited on the side of the vardo, but some place aren't really the type of place that has 'souvenirs' - so I improvised by painting a little logo (some made up) on the end to commemorate those places.

And a few shots from the campground at Blue Jay:

I think we're packing up today for another weekend jaunt!
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