Thursday, May 26, 2016

Back to the vardo -- and back to the garden!

We are working on our vardo again - - now that the school year is finished, I am looking forward to summer and going out exploring, and I want our little vardo complete.  We got the truck lights installed the other day, and this week I've been working on the outside, hoping to get the paint job finished and a few more outside details.  But first, juts got this ladder done this morning:
This is where our name for the vardo - "Stardust" - comes from.  It's a line from Joni Mitchell's song 'Woodstock' - and this is the refrain.  I also have Hoagy Carmichael's song "Stardust" in mind, but this is the one I think of first.

Besides this little ladder that will help us get in, I also built a couple of pieces this week for storage, first, a battery box that looks like a barrel:

It has a shelf that you can't see, and the batteries fit inside easily.  I want to get a couple of leather belts to make straps across the ends, and I've still got to get this one painted with some flowers and stencils, but it's good to go.

The other thing I made was a box on the deck for cooking supplies:  it'll hold a propane camp stove, a couple of bottles of propane, and some skillets and utensils.  Here's how that looks:

That one was made with leftover furniture parts.  It will hold a lot.

After I got that done, I decided to work on the paint job on the outside, and also the back deck.  Got that done this morning (the deck, the sides needs a couple more days).  So it looks pretty spiffy from the back:

(Luna enjoys laying on the deck)

The sides still need work but they're getting there:

The green man on both sides looked a little stark, so I gave them a green glaze and now they fit in much better, but this picture I took before that.  

So today, we begin working on the inside!  I need to get us a nice comfy place to sleep!


Ginene Nagel - Fox and Finch Antiques said...

This post about the vardo was immensely interesting to me. How I wish I had one, too. When I was a child a man in our neighborhood would come by with his gypsy wagon and horse and pick up every child in their front yard and haul us around the block.Oh, it was fun. Can you imagine a parent letting their children do that now with a complete stranger? He was a very nice man and just wanted to share his toy with us.
I have to tell you that as I read your past blogs for an hour or so, I was simply amazed by your talent, passion for art and design and for your stamina! At first, I thought you were in your twenties and I was asking myself, how can this young woman know this much and have all of these developed talents. Then, I realized you are about my age and I thought, how does this woman know this much and have all of these developed talents? Really amazing.

Laurie said...

What a great story! I remember a guy with a pony when I was a child, we could get our picture taken, with a cowboy/cowgirl outfit to wear. But nothing as cool as your experience with a gypsy wagon!

We are hoping to get this vardo going soon - we have friends coming out and we want to go on a trip!

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