Friday, June 12, 2015

Yard comparison - 2 years later

This summer will be the second year our front yard has been growing -- and growing!  We were doing some succulent trimming the other day - giving away starts and agave pups on CL Free -- and I knew I had pictures that showed how much some of the plants had grown.  The agaves in particular. So I looked through the pictures so I could do some side-by-side comparisons.

This is the view from the driveway.  You can see how full all the plants have gotten, especially the agaves. 

This is the view from the front steps:
Again, the agave has gone nuts.  The mexican feather grass gets cut back a couple times a year, but it grows fast!  It's hard to tell here, but we only have one of the 3 palms left. We planted a couple of small ones to replace the ones we had to remove, but I still have a large sago palm I may put out there as well.

I need to take some pictures of the front parking strip as well - that section of the yard does not get any water at all, and still the plants out there are doing great!  I also need a picture from the other side of the yard, I'll get that later!


Laura said...

The yard looks fantastic!

I planted Mexican feather grass and took it out after two years because it spread all over the place. Four years later I'm still yanking them. And I had to comb out football-sized masses of sticky, flossy seed clumps. I always feel I need to warn people about that, but maybe you're not having the same problem?

Anonymous said...

What incredible growth! The yard looks very nice, and we're so lucky to have been able to take some of your plant pups to our own yard, hopefully to show similar progress soon!

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