Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Puppy!

One of the things I planned on doing this summer was to get a dog.  Although we were traveling quite a bit in the past few years, I would love to cut back on that.  Also, we would love to get into a more healthy lifestyle, and having a dog to walk several times a day is a great reminder to get out and about.  So we started looking after all the summer work was done.  We went to the animal shelter, and checked out all the possible candidates.  We also looked on Craigslist, but we decided we'd rather go through the shelter, so we knew we were not just putting money into someone's pocket not knowing how the dog's backgrounds were.

Our first few choices were these:
I really had my heart set on the first one above -- so we showed up at 10am the day he was available, met up with him, played with him -- then found out he was actually 2 years old instead of the 6mo old he was listed -- which was a bit of a problem for us since we wanted a younger dog (so we could get them integrated with our cats).  Then they did a cat test, and he failed that pretty clearly -- barking and jumping around.  So we sadly had to pass on him.  Second dog was also 2 years old - same problem, but we actually thought she was too little, since we want a dog that can jump in the car or truck to go places with us.  The third one was already adopted, but we had played with a cute little terrier and had forgotten to take pics of her - her name was Triscuit when we met her --

And she's the one we chose!

Here she is at the shelter, pretty shaggy but happy!

We brought her home, and took her shopping -- she got lots of fun toys and a nice new crate and bed: (she was really well behaved at the store!)

We decided to call her Luna.

She's a happy little dog!

The cats are not impressed:

But they will get used to her.  Today, she got her coat clipped and she looks a little less shaggy:

She's got a few habits we need to work on - she likes to chew, so we have to be sure to give her chew toys and keep her busy, and she also wants to bark a little when the front door is open and she can see out the screen, but she is responding really well to commands.  Dale's a great animal trainer, so I know she'll have her manners in place soon.  We're really glad to welcome her into our family!


Anne said...

Adorable!!! Congratulations. Will she get bigger? I am assuming she is pretty young. Great smile.

Laurie said...

She's a year old, so she should stay the same size. After we've had her awhile now, we think she might have some Corgi in her, she's got the same build and big ears of a corgi -- and we saw one at the dog park the other day and I could see the resemblance!

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