Thursday, June 05, 2014

Day 10 - Mount Rushmore

I kind of went into this day thinking Mt. Rushmore would be a quick visit - I mean, what is there to do but look at 4 heads carved into a mountain?  And on first viewing (the night before), I also have to say I was a little surprised at the size -- as Herbert said, "'s a little more petite than I expected."  I don't know what I was thinking - I guess I expected HUGE, but after spending the better part of a day going on a hike, checking out the displays and museums, I really enjoyed this experience.

This was interesting - the original sculpture plan was to have torsos in addition to the portraits, but faults in the granite made this unworkable.

After taking off from Mt. Rushmore, we had a super long drive to our next destination - the Judy Garland Museum (for Eric!).  We decided to drive through the night so we wouldn't kill ourselves with either one 11 hour drive or waste time with two long days of driving.  We did wake up so we could take our usual state portraits -- and you can tell we were a bit ridiculous at 3 am!

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