Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kitchen remodel resumes...

Time to get back to business!  We psyched ourselves up to get this remodel back on track, and yesterday morning, we packed up the remaining things left in our half-destroyed kitchen and ripped the rest of the cabinets and sink out.

It's kind of looked this like since April:

 Except that the stove was also over there along the wall.  But, yea, no progress.  I did lace in the floor boards with some new ones back in May, but they are all covered up with plastic right now.  Here's how it looks this morning:

Temporary kitchen in the living room.  No sink anymore.  That's committment!
Our cooking station!  
Here is how it looked after we got everything cleared out and ready for demo stage II:
Goodbye sink and dishes (all packed in boxes).  
Goodbye upper cabinets (hello full trash bins)--

Goodbye sink and countertop.  hello plumbing and electrical that needs changing out....
And now, a nice clean canvas.  So, today we hope to get the plumbing and wiring all finished up, then we can drywall over the gaping hole.  Hello blocked door to the studio:

We do have a few interesting things we've been up to --
recessed lights installed (mostly, gotta fix the gap as we patch up the ceiling):

 and we picked up a greenhouse window to replace the window over what used to be the sink.  We got it free on CL - it was mounted flush on the outside of a house in Santa Monica, and I like the way it was mounted, so rather than enlarge the opening to fit the new window, we will just remove the existing window, enlarge a little, then trim it out.  I think it'll be nice!  I don't have a picture of that right now, it's sitting on it's side in the garage, covered with plumeria starts.

We have visitors coming out in October, and we'd love to have our kitchen functioning by then!  Once we get this last remaining bit of plumbing/wiring done, we should be able to motor through a bunch of it rather quickly!  By removing our last bit of functioning kitchen, we hope to make this all a little more urgent.  Doing dishes in the shower is NOT going to be fun!

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I see the inspectors are hard at work!

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