Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Like everyone else in the blogosphere, I have been coveting a fiddle leaf fig tree.  Here's Emily Henderson's  (of HGTV Style by Emily fame) living room with its fiddle leaf fig tree:
Daniel from Manhattan Nest just got one:

We don't have any indoor plants.  I did have some African violets, but with all the remodeling chaos, I ended up moving them outside.  I have bought a couple of orchids, but they dropped their flowers as soon as I brought them home.  But....we went into Lowe's the other day to pick up some chain and lo and behold, for a measly 14.99 there was a lovely fiddle leaf fig! I couldn't resist - after reading Daniel's post wherein he paid about $125 for his -- well, I don't want to let this trend pass me by!

Oh, what a terrible picture!
I'll take another one later (assuming I don't kill it!).
In other news, I did pick up a half-dozen teapots this past week or so, and I added hooks all along the wall.  That's my least favorite part of the whole thing - drilling the holes to hang the hooks, so I bit the bullet and did a bunch while I was full of enthusiasm.  So it's nice to pick up a few teapots at the Goodwill and just have to add chain, fill with dirt, and hang them up on a hook with a little plant tucked inside.

 whoa....kind of blurry on this one.....
I hung a couple of wind chimes on some of my extra hooks.  I still need 5 more teapots to fill all the spaces.  I can't wait for that creeping fig to grow up the walls and make this little out of the way spot look cool and lush!

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