Sunday, February 05, 2012

Yard work Sunday!

While the rest of the country is watching the Super Bowl, we spent the day working in the yard.  Actually, today was supposed to be a drywall day, but last night I saw an ad on  Craigslist for some free agapanthus if we dug them up, so we started off with that.

And after we got those put in the ground, Dale looks at the bird of paradise that is overgrown and hanging over the path and says, "maybe we should go ahead and dig that up while we're out here..." and THAT was a major job!  We had to dig a HUGE hole around it, then divide it and replant it.  Our yard has a lot of trees --too many! -- and there are roots everywhere, which makes it even more of a challenge.

So we got that divided and transplanted, and cleaned up.  Looked around, and realized how much bigger the backyard looks now -- yes, it's still a hot mess grass and weed-wise - but we'll get that going soon, too.  We also took out two small volunteer trees - more like overgrown weeds, and that opened it up. 

So we came inside (and I had to clean the sliding glass window so we could admire how large the backyard looks), and we sat down, had a nice cool drink, and started talking about how badly the lemon tree was overgrown, and maybe we should just cut it down and get a dwarf lemon.  So Dale puts his shoes back on, and says, "I'm going to go out and trim a few branches right now."  So back out we go!

After digging, sawing and raking all afternoon, we're beat!  But the yard does look lots better.  Oh, if only I could afford to get a pool put in before summer!  Dream on!

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