Monday, December 05, 2011

Table makeover

I have been scouring Craigslist for a dresser to convert into a vanity for our bathroom, but we need a pretty specific size, and I have some things on my wishlist for it (curvy front, long legs, drawers on each side, not just down the middle), so nothing's fit my requirements yet.  However, I did see a kitchen table (another thing I've been looking for) - and the price was right - FREE.  So Dale and I drove over & picked it up on Saturday morning. 

 It's a pretty small round table (42" diameter), but with the leaf in, it measures closer to 5', and so that works for our kitchen. 

 It's nice enough oak with a claw foot pedestal, but the top was in real rough shape --

So I took the sander to it and got the top all sanded down to bare wood.

Painted the pedestal a nice satin black (along with the apron of the table)

Projected an image of a French Chocolate ad from Graphics Fairy on the tabletop.

(this is not my original idea - I am copying from a table I saw on another blog I read: Red Hen Home)

Painted this with black acrylic paint --

Distressed the lettering a bit with sandpaper, then gave it two coats of Antique Walnut stain.  This is the first coat going on --   

Second coat finished, and first of 6 coats of hand-rubbed Poly.

Put it back together and now it's in my kitchen!

Sigh. It looks so nice, it makes the kitchen look even worse!  I think I need some black chairs to go around it - maybe an assortment of mis-matched chairs with matching fabric seats, all painted black.


Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Look at you go! The table looks fabulous!

Lindsay Briggs said...

Um, this is way awesome. WAY. You are too amazbo for words.

Anonymous said...

Niiiice!! You did this so well, you can keep going on the kitchen!! Go girl!!

Isabel said...

I LOVE the table! You are so talented, Laurie.

Dining Room Table And Chairs Sale said...

Great job! love the table!!!!

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