Monday, December 05, 2011

Table makeover

I have been scouring Craigslist for a dresser to convert into a vanity for our bathroom, but we need a pretty specific size, and I have some things on my wishlist for it (curvy front, long legs, drawers on each side, not just down the middle), so nothing's fit my requirements yet.  However, I did see a kitchen table (another thing I've been looking for) - and the price was right - FREE.  So Dale and I drove over & picked it up on Saturday morning. 

 It's a pretty small round table (42" diameter), but with the leaf in, it measures closer to 5', and so that works for our kitchen. 

 It's nice enough oak with a claw foot pedestal, but the top was in real rough shape --

So I took the sander to it and got the top all sanded down to bare wood.

Painted the pedestal a nice satin black (along with the apron of the table)

Projected an image of a French Chocolate ad from Graphics Fairy on the tabletop.

(this is not my original idea - I am copying from a table I saw on another blog I read: Red Hen Home)

Painted this with black acrylic paint --

Distressed the lettering a bit with sandpaper, then gave it two coats of Antique Walnut stain.  This is the first coat going on --   

Second coat finished, and first of 6 coats of hand-rubbed Poly.

Put it back together and now it's in my kitchen!

Sigh. It looks so nice, it makes the kitchen look even worse!  I think I need some black chairs to go around it - maybe an assortment of mis-matched chairs with matching fabric seats, all painted black.


Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Look at you go! The table looks fabulous!

Lindsay Briggs said...

Um, this is way awesome. WAY. You are too amazbo for words.

Lori C said...

Niiiice!! You did this so well, you can keep going on the kitchen!! Go girl!!

Isabel said...

I LOVE the table! You are so talented, Laurie.

Dining Room Table And Chairs Sale said...

Great job! love the table!!!!

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