Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dutch Door

This back door to our kitchen is kind of beat up.  When we moved in, there was a really rickety screen door, but it was bent and the screen was torn, so we took it off.  But I do wish I could get a nice breeze through the kitchen when I'm working in there.  I'd been looking at some dutch doors on the web - I liked this one:

Now that's cute!  Mine is still going in a really ugly little kitchen, but since I've got nothing to lose here, I decided to convert my ugly kitchen door:
into a dutch door.  I had to add a hinge to the bottom half, which I did first while it was still hung so it would hang correctly.  Then I took the door down and cut it in half with the skill saw.  I had to cut between the two locks - the deadbolt and the handle.  Then I cut again, about 1/8" away.  That way, there is enough room for the two door parts to bypass each other.

I temporarily nailed a piece of wood to use as a guide for the skill saw to be sure it was super straight.

I switched the two locks, putting the deadbolt on top, since we'll always have the bottom half closed.  I had to add a slide bolt to connect them together.

Ick. You can see in this picture how grimy this door is! 

You can also see the 1/4" gap, which I have to cover on this back side with a piece of wood trim so that rain and creepie crawlers don't come in.  On the outside, I added a piece of shoe molding to prevent water from running down and around into the gap.

And here it is, all complete.  Just opening the top half instantly cools the kitchen down!

When we get around to redoing the kitchen (and especially that horrendous floor!) we'll get the threshhold and trims redone so they don't look so shabby.  I'm thinking of adding a shelf on the outside bottom half, I think they call them a butler's shelf. 

I looked up dutch doors to find out some information about measurements, etc - and found out that they were originally designed to let air in and keep the livestock out.  Our livestock will be able to escape from this door, so I'll have to be careful when I open it!

And now I have to do something about that pitiful pull down shade!

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